Las Vegas Casino Restaurants

In these modern times, there is a trend of building casinos next to restaurants or night clubs, simply to merge the two ways of entertainment into one, which is a common desire for the gamblers nowadays.

In the start of the Las Vegas existence, it was all a big desert with very cheap table games, no lights and no attraction for the casino players at all.

Look at the plethora of casino restaurants, that have reached over 300 in few decades and are proudly inviting people to check what they have to offer. If your road leads to Las Vegas, these Casino Restaurants are a must for you!

From the best buffets in Las Vegas to chain restaurants, Sin City has it all.


Andre’s, Monte Carlo

If you are a food lover, you will definitely love Andre’s casino restaurant. The main chef and the owner of the place is Andre Rochat, and he had the guts to open one of the very first casino restaurants in Las Vegas even before it had a scene for restaurants at all. You will find it on the 6th St. near the downtown business district and it is in existence for over 30 years. After so many years it is still considered on top of the food lists for diners in the know. He is famous for offering the best meals from the French kitchen.


Aqua, Bellagio

At the beginning, when Aqua was jut an idea, it got so many critics that it almost never opened at all. Now, everyone who’s been there can justify the taste and the excellent ambient this casino restaurant offers.

The idea of opening a fabulous fish restaurant in the Mojave Desert may sound crazy, but that didn’t stop Chef Michael Mina from the popular Aqua in San Francisco to try his luck in Las Vegas, and it turns out he is quite a lucky man.

Aureole, Mandalay Bay

Sine all of the new restaurants in combination with casinos were either French, Chinese, Spanish or from everywhere around the world except American, Chef Charlie Plamer had an idea of opening a Progressive American food restaurant that survived the transition from Manhattan to Las Vegas and managed to stay in the business for several decades.

Here, you can find some of the most delicious foods, and what is interesting that exactly the same restaurant can be found in San Francisco – from the outside of the building to every single little detail in the inside.


Border Grill, Mandalay Bay

The TV Food Network Addicts Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Fenniger have opened a casino restaurant in Las Vegas, moving from LA and their restaurant there to pursue the dream of holding the best casino restaurant in the city of lights.

These two food passions created the restaurant and the casino under palm trees, and they have an extraordinary customer service that all the restaurants envy.

If you ever go through Las Vegas, these are the restaurants that you must try.