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The Best Fruit Games


There is no denying that Fruits are one of the most used symbols on the internet, and it is not a surprise – they are colourful, they are bright, they are tasty and they make people happy. There are thousands of games that involve fruits and can be found on the internet, and a quite dozen that you have to try if you are a gaming lover. That’s why we are here, to present you with a list of some of the best mobile fruit games that took over the internet in the past decade.


Fruit Ninja

One of the most awesome and badass games on the internet that revolve around fruits is the Ninja Fruit game. With many extensions, copies of the game with similar names, online tournaments and real-time rewards, it climbs to the top of the fruit ladder. To play this game you need to slide through your screen and cut the fruits in half. With an awesome samurai feeling, there is no surprise why this game is on one of the most played fruit games on the market. There are some awesome bonuses inside the game, different backgrounds, settings, music, types of swords, and you can even use more than one finger to slice the fruits in different directions and ends on the screen. Check it out.

Fruit Shoot

One of the best, if not the best fruit game for kids on the market, which can also be good for adults that wish to refresh their memory in the math field. Here fruits are the theme and they are flying around the screen with numbers of them. Aim with your mouse to guess the right answer and collect points that unlock the next level. There are many levels, and with each higher one, the difficulty of the numbers is greater and the task gets more numbers.


 Retro Fruit Crush

This is a retro game that is most certainly famous to all of you guys that are in love with fruits and these kinds of games. You need to match the fruits, in particular, similar colour and shape to clear them from the screen, allowing new ones to come, and each cleared line brings points to the player.


Doodle Fruit Games

A selection of many games including running, cycling, tennis, golf, water polo, swimming and much more. They are all played with fruit figures and players, and each is better than the other one in some particular sport – try to find out the best in your favourite discipline.


Whether your eye caught something from our selection or not, there is always an alternative to look forward to, especially if you click this link which will take you directly to some new and unique interesting games, where you have the chance to win some lucrative wins.